Lack of interest Alert Users -> User Criteria -> User Name Field Needs Improvements


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Currently the User Name field under User Criteria in Alert Users does not have auto-complete nor does it have comma-separation (unlike in, say, the User Criteria in Notices).


This makes the feature in Alert Users very frustrating.

If you have members named Mark, Mark5, Marks.

And you specify Mark in the User Name field, it will send the alert to all those three even if you only want to send to Mark.

I wish it worked the same way as in Notices.


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I know what you're after, but I think you want a different suggestion than what you've actually proposed here. This is a user search, so that field isn't actually an exact match field. It's "contains", like the rest of the text fields on that page.

If you want an option to send to just specific people, that would likely have a different approach (as none of the criteria is relevant).