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So I have come across an issue particularly in my forum, I don't know if anyone else has had the same issue. But on my forum, I mainly use primary groups as a regular group setting such as Moderator, Forum Moderator, Senior Moderator, etc. and I only use Secondary Groups as if they have additional groups such as if a Forum Moderator was also a developer. I would put the user's primary group as Developer for instance, and secondary group as Forum moderator. I have done this for ages until the 1.5 update. Now, I just had to put all of my staff to the registered primary group and put their secondary groups to staff ranks. I personally did not really like this, as much as how my old method worked :p Anyone agree?


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Nope, not at all. The recommended way of having the Registered group as the primary user group and using secondary user groups to grant additional permissions is much better and in my opinion far superior.

Implementing permissions across multiple user groups

If I need to change a permission for some users, I only need to do it in one user group due to using cumulative permissions across multiple user groups. Doing it the 'old way' that you are doing, you'd need to change the permission in several user groups.

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It's not an invalid suggestion, as such, but I think the reasoning is flawed. You've now set up your user groups in the recommended way and generally things should be easier and more scalable this way.