XF 1.5 After upgrade to 1.5.13 image redirects still not showing

Mr Lucky

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I'm aware that before 1.5.11 the security patch meant that redirected images would not show.

However I just upgraded from 1.5.7 (patched) to 1.5.13 and redirected images are still not showing (only in editor, not on posts)

  • Support redirects in the image proxy and link title conversion process (while maintaining security).
Is there something I need to do (have opened and resaved Image and Link proxy in Message Options)

Chris D

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Images are cached in the proxy for X days and they will continue to be served from the cache until that period of time has expired and the image has been re-requested again. So that's likely the case here. You can always use the "Test image proxy" feature in the Tools section of the Admin CP to verify whether an image is actually fetchable or not (this should bypass the cache, I think).

As for the example above, this is expected:

Cafe Saxophone - Ooops!
You do not have permission to view media within this album.

The image seems to be inaccessible to guests.


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There's also a failure counter for images. We retry failed images with increasing delay (the whole process would play out over multiple weeks at a minimum). If an image fails too many times, we won't manually retry it. It would need to be manually retriggered via the image proxy log (or it'd have to fall off the log entirely to reset the fail counter).


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An alternative approach would be to reset the fail count for images:
UPDATE xf_image_proxy SET fail_count = 1 WHERE fail_count > 1;
This should essentially cause all failed images to be refetched.