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XF 1.4 After Import, Threads Have Blank Pages

Yesterday we (myself and the owner of the site) spent the day importing our vB3.7 forums over to XenForo (thanks again Mike, Brogan and Chris D for the help!). The actual import went absolutely perfectly, but a new issue has come up that baffles me a bit. We did a soft launch for the site to get some members in to help find any lingering issues, and other than some threads and posts being duplicated, nothing major has come up except for this one:

If you visit this thread Here you will see that it has 65 pages, but the pages are blank past page 32 or so.

It seems all of our larger threads have been impacted by this. Is there a way to fix it?

Thanks, Brogan, but no effect (I'm almost positive I did that immediately after the import, as well), the long threads are still showing as having superfluous pages.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Can you check in the xf_thread table for that particular thread, what the last post ID is?

SELECT `last_post_id` FROM `xf_thread` WHERE `thread_id` = 73873
Then try to load that post using the post ID: http://community.gamewinners.com/index.php?posts/<post ID>


XenForo developer
Staff member
Try rebuilding the thread info but choose to rebuild the post positions as well. (Though I don't see any reason for the import to have incorrect post positions, I can confirm there are a bunch of duplicated ones; this isn't something I've ever seen on an import actually.)