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This is just a very general XenForo question, so it's not something we're having issues with ourselves nor is it something I'm trying to receive help for--they would have to ask, of course. I'm just using the forum below as an example.

Not as frequent anymore, but one of the XenForo forums I visit has been getting the blank pages with the "Unexpected error occurred" message for a while. When I attempted to visit yesterday around 2:00 PM, I received that error, and before that my last activity was Friday at 2:15 AM. However, before logging in 13 minutes ago, I checked my member card out of curiosity, and I noticed that my last activity was yesterday at 1:59 PM, which was when I last attempted to visit the site.

My question is why does activity or whatever still get logged sometimes when there's an error? Is the forum still running in the background and you just can't access it?

Jeremy P

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I haven't looked too closely at the internals, and it depends on the error, but it's very possible the code for storing your activity runs before the error occurs, but the error still prevents the full code from running and returning the page to you.

For example, your session might be recorded, and then the code might go to fetch the list of threads, only to find the MySQL connection has been dropped or closed unexpectedly by the server, or that a PHP file contains a syntax error.
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