Advice on xenforo pageviews per user compared to vbulletin

Hi all,

Earlier this year I migrated over to xenforo from vbulletin for our forum

One issue I have is that when the forum was using vbulletin, it used to average around 4.8 pageviews per user. As soon as I migrated to xenforo and ever since, my average pageviews per user has now dropped to 2.8 pageviews per user.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? The only things I can think of that has caused this, is the fact that the forum is now responsive (mobile friendly) compared to on vbulletin when it wasn't.

Just wondering if anyone had any advice of increasing the pageviews per user, or possible reasons why the big drop occurred. It cant be the source of the traffic, as it will be the same as when it was on vbulletin.

Thanks for the info.

It would be good to know what other xenforo forum owners average pageviews per user are in comparison.

If you run a xenforo forum, and want to share, please let us know in this thread what your average pageviews per session are from your analytics.


Sadik B

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Yes I had a drop in pageviews per user when i migrated my oracle forums. But I knew that would happen because of xenforo's use of Ajax. But not as drastic as 4.8 to 2.8 though. It was something like going from 2.5 to 2.1 or 2, if I remember.

Has your average time spent on site decreased as well or is that constant. That can indicate if there is some issue with the site.