Advice a Son-New to Xenforo


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Hello Everyone,
I bought Xenforo license yesterday and i like the way it functions, at least for now.I want to start an educational forum like this
I know the site run on vB 4.2 and with lot of customization.

How can i achieve this to a certain level? what add-ons or widget do i need?. I'm a student and have medium knowledge of HTML,CSS and a little php.
I'm also concern about mobile device(student like me use smart phones to surf the net alot), because i couldn't register with my phone, when i tried it.

Please advice a son. I will be grateful to your response.




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Get your forum setup and learn all about the core software first. I don't recommend throwing a bunch of add-ons into the mix until you have nailed the core software. Then you can start to browse through the add-ons to find things that will help you to achieve your goal.


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Xenporta will give you something similar (but not styled as nicely) to that. The recentthreads module and the slider module are what you'd want to include on the homepage to get that kind of functionality.


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Thanks, i am currently just customizing a little now.I install xenforo in a /community folder and my homelink(hompage) don't point to forum at all unless i type .How can i go about the homepage like what i have said above?

Also, how to you did you configure for mobile?

I'm grateful.


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If you want xenforo in your root folder it's easiest installing it there but you can use the Route Change addon to change the route if you need to. Xenporta also does something similar when you install that.


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Mobile functions are available - I think this is the Responsive theme.

This is on the way more fully with XF 1.2 which has been announced as in development.
Once XF says something is on the way it happens quite quickly :) but I'd estimate May/ June as they are publishing a big addon later this month (Resource Manager)

There is a new addon on the way - Simple Portal - looks like this month to arrive. That could put info and pictures on your front page.

I am a professional online educator so I would be very interested in how your forum develops.
I think you would find the Resource Manager useful to create guides, tutorials and articles.