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Hello A Friend Of Mine Bought This Addon And Would Like Me To Set It Up For Him Since He Knows Im Good With This Stuff But Im Confused With This! Can Someone Please Help Me With This, I Am Trying To Setup Advanced Application Forms For Xenforo And I Would Like It To Be Setup Like This Page ( Where You Can Go To A Forum And Press Create A Staff Application And It Will Take You To A Form And When You Finish It Will Post It As A Thread In The Main Of The Forum For Everyone To View And There Will Also Be Sub Forms Saying Accepted Staff Applications And Denied Staff Applications And A Staff Member Can Move The Thread To One Of The Sub Forums If You Could Help Me With That It Would Help Me A Lot!


PS. Im Sorry For Posting This In The Wrong Space Since I Personally Did Not Purchase Xenforo My Friend Did And He Does Not Want To Give Me His Xenforo Account

PPS. Im Sorry About Every Word In Caps I Just Like To Do It For Some Reason


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You are obviously aware of the rules regarding support. If your friend wants to give you permission to access the forums he can add your username as a forum user.
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