AdSense shaved 80%


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The "Estimated earnings" for June lost 80% after being moved to "Balance" and it drives me mad. All that I can get from them is an reply "It's probably related for invalid traffic". Last month I blocked countries with cloudflare. Didn't help.

Do you experience the same issue? May be someone found the reason and would share the knowledge?

Is it possible that it's the xenforo software that violating adsense's turms of use? I had another forum (IPB) and there was a warning about ajax pagination in the admin -> config area, something like "You have to turn it of if you serve Google Adsense ads". Does xenForo has some similar switch that has to be turned off?

Thanks in advance.


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Not going to post them here in public as there are a lot of good potential ad partners out there, just need to look beyond Adsense. Feel free to drop me a pm


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What partners are you talking about? Please elaborate. Thanks

I'd love to find these better partners too. The vast majority of them out there that we have found are just resellers for Google Ad Exchange/OpenX and generally perform worse than going direct unless you have a strong vertical for your forum.


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Hmm well this looks like the cause but no idea how to solve it!

This is the CTR from Newcastle. It's reached over 100% in 2 different blocks.

I don't think Adsense will let me target this any more closely so I'm not sure what my options are for resolving it.

Screenshot 2020-08-02 at 18.20.08.png


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So usually, this is because of publishers (you :)) clicking their own ads, or your users clicking at ads in a way that is looks suspicious to google. It could also be some kind of bot.
As a long time Adsense user, there is more to it than this. Been talking with others who have long time established sites with Adsense as one of their advertisers and this dramatic increase in taking money away is pretty recent.

Something changed with Adsense, but just can’t pinpoint what or why.

My solution is that they now get maybe 1% of my ad space.


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I also found it useful to add a filter on adsense revenue, so set revenue greater than £10 or something. That will cut out the 100% ones that were 1 click from some random person giving 100% CTR.