AdSense shaved 80%


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The "Estimated earnings" for June lost 80% after being moved to "Balance" and it drives me mad. All that I can get from them is an reply "It's probably related for invalid traffic". Last month I blocked countries with cloudflare. Didn't help.

Do you experience the same issue? May be someone found the reason and would share the knowledge?

Is it possible that it's the xenforo software that violating adsense's turms of use? I had another forum (IPB) and there was a warning about ajax pagination in the admin -> config area, something like "You have to turn it of if you serve Google Adsense ads". Does xenForo has some similar switch that has to be turned off?

Thanks in advance.


Pageviews 17% lower as an average (Apr 20 - Jan 21 vs April 19 - Jan 20).

If "Estimated earnings" actually equated to real earnings, then that wouldn't actually be very bad!


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My invalid clicks are down significantly, but my clicks, impressions and estimated earnings are also down substantially.
I'm really struggling to get to the bottom of this, because from my xenForo statistics, my visitor numbers are fairly stable.

It's been years Google Adsense keeps decreasing our revenue. I build websites since 2013, and even though those sites kept growing a lot, I didn't notice any increase in the ads revenue but, guess what? The revenue kept decreasing or was stable (even though the visitors number kept increasing). Should we call this a scam? I don't know honestly, but I'm quite sure about what I'm talking, and advertisers are spending more and more money on the web recently, so there's no logical explaination or reason about what they're doing besides the sad truth: they're scammers and they're fooling us publishers behind the shadows, while we keep fueling their economy and, in return, get dust.
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