Adsense CTR cut in half after switching to SSL


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I have not touched adsense on my forum. But if you search around you will see others have had the problem and it comes back up. But someone else will chime in.

Digital Doctor

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I find the placements of the ad weird.


Not to mention on my other monitor ... the ad covers up first post.

Admittedly it is a portrait monitor.

But ... the cutting off the post issue starts with a fairly small change in browser width.

See the C getting cut off ?


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After my migration to XF I switched to responsive adsense ads. They appears just about identical. However, since the switch my CTR has been cut in half and my revenue with it. It's extremely frustrating. I only have ads on thread pages because that is what gets the most views. Any suggestions?

Install this and add your ad code (inside first post location) (preferably responsive ad code) and watch your CTR increase possibly even better then before it went south in the first place..

Mike Edge

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Yeah, if you been using SSL for more then a few hours, your pretty much forced to take a 2-3 month revenue loss.. It will pick back up..

Mike Edge

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Why can't I just redirect back to http?
301 redirects will already have TTL cached to the redirect and will continue to use it on that member until they either hard delete cache or TTL expires, also all indexs will be SSL until your crawled again after the change. SSL is the way to go in this day and age. I won't use any forum not SSL due to the security risks that increase daily not having personal info, even just your e-mail address not encrypted.