admins can't see reported post


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It must be something I did. My forum admins can't see reported post but moderators can. Would you know what the problem is? Thanks.


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Admins are Admins, and have nothing to do with moderation unless you add them as a moderator.
Moderators are Moderators, and have nothing to with administration unless you add them as an Admin.


More than likely what you need to do, is either:
A) Add them as a Moderator if they are not
B) Go to them on the Moderators part, enter the settings area and just hit save.


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If you want your admin to have access to the moderator bar with the reported posts etc, you need to make them moderators too. :)


This is new in RC2 I believe. Add the mod as an admin - and they see the mod-bar :)

This got me reading all the permissions and options and node features, etc to find out. I ended up by asking Mike