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XF 1.4 admin template


Active member
I wanted to modify the font size/color for the filter list in admin panel.

FF inspector shows this:

.FilterList h4 a dfn

So, the only file in XF containing that is admin_templates.xml in the install/data folder. I changed it to 12px and #888 color. Uploaded and overwrote the file of course. For some reason, the new CSS properties hasn't kicked in even after hard refreshing the page. Any idea?


Active member
It may be best to make changes by creating an Admin Template Modification as changes to Admin templates will be overwritten after each upgrade.
Thanks Chris. How would I do this exactly? I'm new to XF, coming from VB after 10 years so learning the ropes.

I already searched for .FilterList h4 a dfn in search template area, nothing found.


Active member
I also tried adding this to extra.css but still doesn't kick in.

.FilterList h4 a dfn {
font-size: 12px !important;
color: #888 !important;

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Have you enabled Debug mode? Have you searched for it in Search Admin Templates?

I found it in filter_list.css