XF 1.4 Admin Route to redirect

Hi there, are there any one here know how to redirect your.forum.com/mp4/****/ to your.forum.com/attachments/****/ with the Route Filters of Xenforo, plz give me an advice. I have try

Find Route: mp4/{name}/
Replace with: attachments/{name}/

but no redirect :(

Thank you very much

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
You've got it the wrong way round and also you probably don't need the {name} wild card.


Find Route: attachments/
Replace With: mp4/
@Chris D Have you every tri to redirect 1 category http://forum.com/categories/abc.86/ to http://sub.forum.com ?

I got the error The replace route must start with a route prefi and The find route must start with a route prefix.
That would not be possible with the Route Filters system.
Thanks for your reply!
So do you know any plugin or any kind of setting for xenforo for doing this? Just because I am using category as new sub-forum, and want it redirect 301 to sub domain. I am using Centos6.5 Nginx :)