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Not sure if bug or not.
I've noticed that the admin quick search gives not so relevant results at times.

If you will search the word: "message", in order to find that template, it won't show up in the results. Instead, you'll see other template results which contain that word.
I think that template name which start with that word, would be more relevant than strings that have the word in the middle/end.
You can test the same with the word "post".


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They are sorted alphabetically.
The same thing happens when filtering template names.


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Relevancy isn't something that we even attempt to do. As said, matching results are simply listed alphabetically. Relevancy (of some form, given that we're just doing a "like" search) would have to be a suggestion... so I'll just move this.


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Guess it won't be fixed in the near future, so I've fixed that for myself.
if anyone interested, the code below will add relevancy for templates search:

public function getEffectiveTemplateListForStyle($styleId, array $conditions = array(), $fetchOptions = array())
    $whereClause = $this->prepareTemplateConditions($conditions, $fetchOptions);
    $limitOptions = $this->prepareLimitFetchOptions($fetchOptions);

    $titleRelevancy = '';
        $titleRelevancy = '(CASE WHEN template.title LIKE \''.$conditions['title'].'%\' THEN 0 ELSE 1 END),';

    return $this->_getDb()->fetchAll($this->limitQueryResults('
        SELECT template_map.template_map_id,
            template_map.style_id AS map_style_id,
            addon.addon_id, addon.title AS addonTitle,
            IF(template.style_id = 0, \'default\', IF(template.style_id = template_map.style_id, \'custom\', \'inherited\')) AS template_state,
            IF(template.style_id = template_map.style_id, 1, 0) AS canDelete
        FROM xf_template_map AS template_map
        INNER JOIN xf_template AS template ON
            (template_map.template_id = template.template_id)
        LEFT JOIN xf_addon AS addon ON
            (addon.addon_id = template.addon_id)
        WHERE template_map.style_id = ?
            AND ' . $whereClause . '
        ORDER BY ' . $titleRelevancy . ' CONVERT(template_map.title USING utf8)
    ', $limitOptions['limit'], $limitOptions['offset']), $styleId);
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