XF 1.5 Admin panel not loading for one user

leslie dow

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I have one user who cannot get the admin panel to load. When she enters her userid and pwd, the logo loads as if it were going to log her in and then a blank userid/pwd box appears. There are no error logs and her login attempts don't seem to be logged anywhere that I can find.

I'm pretty sure this is something to do with her local system. I can log in with her credentials perfectly well. She's tried three browsers (chrome, firefox and safari). She's cleared her caches, cookies on each of the browsers, rebooted. I had her clear her DNS cache in her OS. She's on a mac running Yosemite.

The only other time I have seen this is once after I created a test site and was moving between the live and test site. I was able to clear it up by rebooting and clearing the browser cache and deleting the cookies.

thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Sometimes I've found that the only solution to some of those "quirkiness" behaviors in the browser on my Mac (primarily Chrome - I dont' use Safari or Firefox to do anything but test views with) was to shut the browser down completely and make sure that there were no stubs of it loaded in memory.

Have her view the javascript console when that happens. In Chrome all she needs to do is press Option+Command+J (that's the 3 keys - no + used in actual press) and see if any errors show up. Also, if she happens to be using any "firewall" type software, try disabling it temporarily.
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