Implemented Admin Edit Link on Profile


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Using forum software from the darkside I can click on a user name to see their public profile and then click again to quickly edit their user profile in admin.

Using xF if I have an issue with a user I have to leave his public profile, log in to admin and then search for the user before I can edit them. It would be much better if there were a link,available to admins in the public profile so I can click straight through to admin. Thanks​


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Cant find this request anywhere. Its a pain having to go edit a member (example change their username) by going in the admin paney, list all users etc. It would be nice to have a link on the members profile page that goes right to their edit member info page in the admin section.


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There are a few template edits that are very quick, effective and easy to do in the template edit section.
I do agree, that a built-in feature would be nicer though


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I can't mention how many times I leave usernotes in vb. When users have sales issues or countless other things, it leaves staff a way to log past problems easily.

The other thing - I'm always inside user profiles to get to the notes etc, and then I'm so used to clicking into their "profile admincp page". That way their info can be altered, usergroup changed, etc etc.

The way I'm seeing things now, I have to click into the admincp, do a search for the user I was just looking at, and then make altertations.

will either of these functions be added, or do I need to look for a programmer to make these additions?


would be great if admins could see a link to ACP in users profile,
so that they can edit the user.

Regards Opik