XF 1.5 admin cp home "find user" exact user finder?


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When you login to the admin cp, there is a "find user" blank. Is there a way to enter a username in this field to be taken directly to the username in question?

E.g. if I want to edit user "Bob" can I get there directly by entering Bob for an exact match without having to pick it out of the long list on the subsequent page of

A Bob
Tall Bob
That Bob
Thin Bob
This Bob
Other Bob
Bob Robert
Bob Smith
Bob Somethingelse
Bob so on

Chris D

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Once you are redirected to the long list, you can further filter the list with the "Filter Items" input at the top of the list.

In that case, you would enter "Bob" and click the "Prefix match" checkbox.

Aside from that, there isn't a way to go directly to the exact match.