Lack of interest Admin Add Media As Other User

Brad L

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Give site staff the ability to add media as another user.

For me this would be useful with media categories used to host photo contests. Occasionally we receive entries by email or there is some other reason that a member needs assistance.
ha, was just logging on to see if it is possible. I always used that option when running our website under Photopost.
I could upload the photo, then under the user name, just back out my name and type in their user name.

I also have 3 accounts I use where I upload hidden files. One user name is called ContestWinners, the other ContestFinalists, and last Documentation.
I use the last one when wanting to use images in the forums with links to write articles but don't want the members or others to publicly see those in the galleries.
So I hide certain galleries that only I and my husband can see. Oh, btw, I'm Ruth, wife to Steve. Easier if I just log in as him to ask questions while he works on the actual website :)

I agree about the members needing assistance, that was another reason I need to be able to upload as another account without actually logging into that account.