XF 1.5 Admin account listed as banned in cp?


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When looking at my profile in the admin cp at the top it says:

Super Administrator Administrator Moderator Banned

Administrator and banned have hyperlinks, but when clicking on them I get error messages about the user not existing?


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Update: I added the administrator account to the administrator group, so now that shows, but the account still shows as banned. Looking in the ban list, the account is not listed. Looking at the database, none of the obvious flags seem to indicate that the account is banned. What am I missing?

A second super admin account was created and attempted to both ban and lift the ban on the first admin account. No dice.


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That banned link appears if the is_banned flag is set.

I would point to this being related to the importer you used (since it isn't an official one). It looks like it's inserted inconsistent data in the DB. You may need to contact the author for guidance.