How do I protect the founder's admin account from other admins?


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I've been trying out an XF demo, which I'm quite impressed with. The initial account created by the demo is of course an admin account. However, I was able to create a second admin account and delete the first one with it, which suprised me.

When I buy XF, how can I protect the original, founder, admin account which will be mine, from secondary admins that I appoint to help me manage the forum?

Basically, my admin account should be impervious to any actions from their accounts (including escalation of privileges) while I should have complete freedom to do what I want with theirs, since I'm the site owner. Otherwise, if one of my admins goes bad, they could just hijack my forum and lock me out of it forever. Can't be having that.

I've tried looking at all the settings in the admin CP, but couldn't find any way to protect the founder's admin account, hence, I'd be very grateful for help with this.
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