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AddonFlare submitted a new resource:

[AddonFlare] XF2 Moods - Allow Users To Share Their Current Mood / Motivate User Activity & Engagement

Introducing moods for XF2!

Allow users to set and share their current mood with everyone.

Add mood images by uploading, URL, or selecting an image from the gallery.
Quick setup with gallery import to import all moods from a directory.

Note: Mood images used in screenshots are only used as an example and are not included, they are owned by Shelley (https://xenforo.com/community/resources/mood-icons-v2.1921/)

Import from gallery instructions:
  • After installing the...
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Chris D

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@AddonFlare can I ask if this experience is typical if you somehow detect an installation which doesn't have a license?

Can you confirm that in such a case, the entire forum is locked until action is taken?

We're going to have to ask you to make changes to that. That's a fairly unacceptable and over-forceful approach to managing the license terms of a fairly small add-on.

This actually happened to a legitimate customer installing on a test site so there's a good chance the process is way over-zealous as it is.

Please make changes as we may not otherwise be able to allow the add-on to be listed here, and please let us know when those changes will be made.

If there is some sort of license callback / phoning home, as per the resource standards this needs to be made clear in the resource description.


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@Chris D if the license is invalid it will only show that in the public view, but we’re making changes so the message doesn’t show on a blank page. They should be ready sometime this weekend.

There are no callbacks, the license/forum URL are checked within the add-on’s code.