Fixed Addon build throws warning

Affected version
2.0 Beta 1


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When building an addon the has "options" set in it, the build throws this warning:
Written successfully.
Attempting to validate addon.json file...

Please review the following warning/s we found while validating your addon.json file. These are safe to ignore:
* The following keys were found which were unexpected: 'options' these may be safe to ignore or they may represent mistakes.
JSON file validates successfully!

Building release ZIP.
I know "options" was added a while ago, but I don't think there's a need for a warning if it's there. :)

Liam W

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That warning is saying that it doesn't expect there to be an options key in the addons.json file, because it isn't one that's used by XF, therefore there's no need for it to be there.

If you put it there for a deliberate reason, you can just ignore the warning.



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I thought it was added and is used by XF....

For add-on developers, it is also possible to control what the "Options" link links to or whether it even displays at all. If "options" is not specified in your addon.json file, or set to null, the Options link will display as normal (if your add-on has any options, otherwise it is hidden). If it is an empty string, (e.g. "options": "" the Options link will be hidden. Otherwise, if you specify a string there, that will be used as the link to your options page. This is useful if, for example, you want to link to a different page other than the standard options page. We do exactly that in XFES 2.0:
   "legacy_addon_id": "XenES",
   "title": "XenForo Enhanced Search",
   "description": "An enhanced version of the XenForo search system, allowing higher quality results and faster searching for bigger installations.",
   "version_string": "2.0.0 Alpha",
   "version_id": 2000010,
   "dev": "XenForo Ltd.",
   "dev_url": "",
   "faq_url": "",
   "support_url": "",
   "extra_urls": {},
   "options": "enhanced-search",
   "require": {},
   "icon": "icon.png"
The options string should represent only the route portion of your link, e.g. the above links to our new XFES integrated setup page, which is at the URL admin.php?enhanced-search/.


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Yeah, I'm getting the warning. The options key is the last item in my JSON.

And it is working as it should, it just startles me every time it comes up and I think "Oh ****, what now?" :D
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