XF 2.2 Adding location and signatures

Terry Love

Running 1.5 I was able to show user location below their picture and a signature below their post. That disappeared in the latest version.
I have a plumbing forum, and knowing the state or province they are from helps us to better answer their questions. What local code they are under and what kind of climate they are in. How do I add those things back?
For instance, looking at my avatar here, it would be nice to add things like:

Location, super helpful to give them advice specific to their location.
Title, sometimes people post what their trade or occupation is.
Website address, yes we allow that for some of the users.

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Signatures are shown automatically if the member has one set and the person viewing the post hasn't disabled viewing them.


The location can be set to show using the Style Properties, the same as XF1.

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