XF 1.3 Adding Custom BBCode for WebM Support?

I'm trying to add a custom bbcode that allows users to embed webm videos. Ideally users can type something like this:

And it'll embed the webm. However if I set that up using custom BBCode, XenForo insists on adding "url" tags around the link, resulting in:

Which basically then doesn't work. I can include the link as an option like this:

[webm=http://www.linkto.webm]Pointless Text[/webm]
But then I need to have some kind of "Pointless Text" between the tags otherwise XenForo craps out an error about the message being invalid.

Any pointers?

EDIT: Hmmm... When I try the above in code on my site I get this: http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/inde...thing-is-procedural.92395/page-2#post-3406874

(See how the bit within the "code" has converted to a url. Why does that happen on my forum but not here? Is it a setting I've missed??


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You should set the custom BB code option to disable auto-linking (with the tag). And I would suggest that you stop parsing BB code as well.