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I always find the Bookmarks function awkward, it could use a lot of functions, like search, etc. (Search the title, message text, and possibly label)... BUT, today it hit me. It needs FOLDERS! Just like our browser bookmarks. This is what I have been seeking. One could say, well that's why there's labels. But no. Folders are different. Sure I could use the labels recipes, chicken, spicy. But I'd rather click into the Recipes folder and use the labels chicken and spicy. To me, it's just more intuitive and adds better organization. On the full page we see a list of folders. Thank you!
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To add to this, I just went to Resources and wanted to see all the ones I've bookmarked. Perhaps there can be some top-level system folders that you can't delete and the bookmarks automatically go there. Forum, Media Gallery, Resources. And we create sub-folders where needed. Or maybe Forum would not need to be a folder, for those that don't use the official apps. But definitely XFMG, XFRM.
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