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Hey guys!

My site is using XenAtendo to handle video game players playing together. Since there are so many (often 100+ in a day), I want to add functionality that when an event starts, all members who RSVPd get sent an alert, and at the end of the event, all members who RSVPd get sent another alert. I've been poking around in how to do that and it seems like it needs some kind of listener, and alert model:

Listen for events beginning/ending
Make an alert model corresponding to each
When the listener catches an event beginning/ending, loop through the RSVP list, sending corresponding alert to each username

But I have no idea how to do that, and I haven't been able to find any tutorials on doing so -- I've just gathered that from my personal programming experience and poking around in the XenAtendo and xenForo files. Does anyone have any pointers to help me do this?


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I've come to terms with the use of the alert handlers in XenForo... you can see this by a lot of new features I've added to my other mods... I will consider adding alerts to XenAtendo.
Dude, that would be incredibly awesomely amazing. Having alerts before and/or after (after is more important to me) events to all people who RSVPd would be hugely helpful to my site's implementation of xenAtendo!


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I like the idea, very much.
If it could also generate a notification email for each RVSP too (I'm thinking an email sent to an SMS gateway so the RSVP'er receives a reminder SMS) would be AWESOME!
It would be a great addition imo
although to be honest just a simple email alert when an event is created would be great
notifying all users in a certain membergroup a new event has been added and requires attention


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No, nor will it happen.

I have never liked this mod. It was never supposed to be a calendar; just an RSVP system. I was pressured into adding the calendar part by users. I myself am waiting for someone, ANYONE else to make a better calendar/rsvp system so that I can completely abandon this mod on my own forums.


No, nor will it happen.

A real shame :( - I see you have been very active in the XenAtendo space (as well as seeming to run a successful game-orientated site) Martok - have you been able to come up with anything in the way of customizing XenAtendo to our 'niche'?

I came across your posts in the XenAtendo thread, and applied changes for Time (in Title), removing Tooltips and alike - all very helpful!