XF 1.5 Adding a lot of users to a group

We just created a new forum as a private node, with the intention of making it only visible to a select group of users who are participating in a particular project.

I created the forum; I created the group; I setup the rights for members of the group to the forum; I added the project chair to the group; I added a second member manually so that I get a list instead of just one user when I search for group members.

Now I'm faced with having to add 20 or so users, whose names I have in a PM, to the group. The only way I know to do this now is to Search each user individually, then check off membership in the new group for each of them, save, and move on to search then edit the next user.

I'd _like_ to have an "Add User" button and pick names from a list.

When I go into List User Groups, I get permissions but I don't find a "Show Members" list - that would be another entry to what I need to do.

Your suggestions will be appreciated, and thanks very much.



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Unless you can use the criteria to select the members under the Batch Update Users function, you would have to add them manually.
Thanks for the quick reply.

I expect to add them manually - there is no criteria to look them all up by. (The closest I could get would be all the users now in a specific, existing thread, but even that wouldn't be worth it. I'm happy to add them one at a time.)

What I'd _like_ is to be able to get to a place in the ACP, type in and locate a username, hit Enter/Click, and do that over and over for each new member, this as opposed to having to do a full Search on each user, edit them, check off the new group, click Save, go back to Search, etc. What I find so far is a page where I can manage group title, banner, and permissions but Edit User Group -> ... doesn't have a place to edit the group _membership_.

IOW, it's good to be able to look up an individual user and then easily check and uncheck groups the belong to. I need to be able to look up a specific group and easily check and uncheck who is a member or functionality to that effect.

If this doesn't exist, it would be a nice feature to have.

Thanks again.