Not a bug Added new resource and it's not showing in search results


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2.1.3 tested here on
I just added this add-on:


When I search for this:


I don't see it in the results:

So apparently the issue is the search cache. Perhaps the best solution would be to remove the search cache when enhanced search is used, that way we can get accurate results all the time.
Then what's the point in having a cache? 🤔

Just make sure you're not using cached results. Always do a new search.

Also sometimes indexing fails, and then it is re-queued for indexing later.
I think most people do, Andy.

We don't tend to get many threads claiming their content hasn't been indexed from anyone else.
Steps to reproduce.

1) Do a thread title search for xenforo.
2) Create a new thread with the title xenforo is great.
3) Do a thread title search for xenforo, notice the new thread is not in the results.

The problem is the same search word has been used and due to the xenforo search cache is now showing stale results.

I wonder if Elasticsearch already has a smart cache built it:

Perhaps the cache currently used in XenForo is no longer needed when using Enhanced search.
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