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In making my addon, i see that XF uses just 1 template for both add and edit.

I can't get it to work.

When i include ID, i can't 'add' but edit works. (includes a hidden input in form)
When i don't include ID, i can't edit, as it gives me a duplicate entry error, which tells me it's trying to add, not edit.

I'm testing if the there's a slug in the url (works) and if so, pull that record.
if not, create an entity:

			    $e = $this->getERepo()->findE()->where('slug', $params['slug'])->fetchOne();
				    $e = $this->assertEExists('My\Mod:Es', $e->id);
			        throw $this->exception($this->notFound(\XF::phrase('not_found')));
			else {
			    $e = $this->em()->create('My\Mod:Es');

			return $this->redirect($this->buildLink('basepath/section', $e) );

This all seems to work until the editProcess function is called:

protected function editProcess(\My\Ns\Entity\MyEntity $data)
		$form = $this->formAction();

		$input = $this->filter([
			//'id' => 'uint',    //this field, when toggled on or off dictates what works for add or edit
			'notes' => 'str',
	$form->basicEntitySave($data, $input);

		return $form;


any ideas?
Most admin controllers solve this problem. You can look at the user controller for an auto-increment id based example or the public navigation controller for a custom string based id example.
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