Add $user to my template


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I am trying to move what I have done in a listener over to a template, however in order to do this I need to return the users status. In the message_user_info template I can retrieve this by simply using $user.status and I would like to do this from my own template.

I have added a template and added $user.status into it, then in the message_user_info added
	<xen:include template="myTemplate" />
which returns the text $user.status rather than the value of it. So looking at the templates more I figured thats what the following should do.

 	<xen:include template="myTemplate">
		<xen:map from="$user" to="$user" />
which is obviously a complete guess, as I was guessing that this maps the variable to my template.. Guessing not lol.

Please could someone let me know how I acheive this?

PS:- I will probably be the highest user of this section of the board in the next few days LMAO


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Variables have to be surrounded in curly braces when you want to output them:

<p>$user.status</p> // prints $user.status
<p>{$user.status}</p> // prints I ate some cheese.