Lack of interest Add the option to search for media that you are tagged in


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Taken from another thread:

Xenforo offers now offers photo tagging. Which is fantastic. I have no clue how it works at the moment (did not test it yet), but how can we see on which photos we are tagged by other members? Is there a list? Can we search on them? If we can search on them, then great but why not let the software work for us? We 'should' not have to search for anything if we have a full blown gallery product to help us out. This gallery product can generate an album for us where all the photos that we are tagged in are displayed. No need to do any searching...
If an automatically generated 'these-are-the-pictures-where-I-am-tagged in-album' will not see the light of day soon or ever, it still would be very handy if we could search on all the media in which we are tagged in by other members.

If we go to:

... we see this:

tag search.png

There is actually a tag search present, but it only works with keywords: the keywords that you used to tag your media. But XFMG also offers a great functionality to tag members inside media items. You will receive an alert when somebody tags you, but it seems impossible to search later on for all the media that co-members tagged you in?

If I don't overlook something, then I would like to request this functionality to be put inside the screen.