Lack of interest Add Support for Latin Characters and Symbols

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Based on my post on another site here, I'm making this an official suggestion for the core.

It would be great if we could easily use Latin characters for words such as piñata, or symbols, such as the en-dash (–) which is used for ranges, like August 15–20, 2016, and the em-dash (—) which is used as an alternative to commas or parentheses depending on the context, like "If I wanted to go out—although I didn't—I would have said something!" It works generally the same: if you were to take out what's between the em-dashes, the sentence would still make sense.

Rather than having to search for them on Wikipedia or the Internet in general and copy and paste, it would be great for them to be a quick access. They could be added to the already-existing Insert dropdown menu in the editor.
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