Add-ons or import first?


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Hi guys

Just a quick question. I've been playing around on a test site to try out different add-ons and get my style ready. When I do convert my board, will it be OK to do a fresh install, get my style set up, install any add-ons I want to use, then do the import?

Or should the import always come first?


Jake Bunce

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It doesn't matter. But I have seen rare reports of addons causing errors during the import. It's not an expected thing, but buggy addons happen sometimes.


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Thanks, Jake. I'll see how it goes. Only planning to use about 5-6 add-ons to start with so hopefully I should be OK.

Adam Howard

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I'd install add-ons, disable them, then import


Import followed by install add-ons

Having add-ons on while importing isn't idea