Add-on [Add-on Request] Thread-view at Homepage


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I just saw this XF-website and I think it is a great idea:

You know, everytime I visit, then I do not walk through all the Forum-Nodes, but I only click onto the "What's New" button. And we know that many other users are also doing so when they navigate the XF-Forum.

So when having the "Thread-View" immediately at the "Home"-page, I think this would give a better overview for users and I also think that more users would register at a XF-Forum, as they are immediately presented with Content (Threads), not with a endless list of Forum-Nodes only.

I mean: an Add-on which is achieving this? But not changing any design and not making any template-edits, but based on XF-default.

I am looking for an Add-on for this feature. Willing to pay.