All Threads listed at Homepage?


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I would like to structure my Forum-Homepage very similar like this example:

Probably instead of having the "Recent Threads", I would like to have ALL Threads to be listed at the Homepage (if this makes any sense as my Forum is not very populated with posts yet)? Otherwise just have the "Recent Threads" to show at the Homepage.

So meaning: I would like to have all my Threads (of different Forum-Nodes) to show up at the Homepage. Then have all my Forum-Nodes listed within the Sidebar.

Is there a way to achieve this without using the Add-on from "8 way run" ?

I do not want to use the "8 way run" add-on just for this. Is there another add-on which would achieve just this? Or does anyone know how to achieve this via template-edits?

Appreciate your help"

Many thanks!