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My media gallery on vbulletin has 3 types of media: uploaded media, embedded media and linked media. The latter is particularly used for video's hosted on other websites. For example a news video report on CNN. My members use this a lot. XFMG supports the first 2 media types but not linked media yet.

Please add a function to insert linked media to the media gallery.
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Can you explain linked media some more? I'm unsure how this differs from embedded media.

For example, CNN videos can appear in XFMG with an appropriate BB Code Media site being created (JoshyPHP's media add-on includes this).


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That's a good point. CNN is an example of an often linked to news outlet. However, there are many hundreds of news outlets worldwide that members link to. It would be great to be able embed them all with BB code, so users would not have to leave our websites to watch video, but that's unfortunately not possible.

I think it would indeed be great if XFMG would support more media sources for embedding. But thats another suggestion.

JoshyPHP supports a nice list of sites, but the vast majority of worldwide news outlets and media portals are not supported.

So what would be needed is to be allowed to enter links into the embed/add a video field, that is not an 'approved site' which will be a link to the media. Then fetch a thumbnail from the external website.
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