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There's a nice forum-chooser overlay that pops up when you choose when you click on New Thread from new posts.

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 10.01.02 PM.webp
Template: forum_post_thread_chooser

Almost this exact thing but that links to the forums instead would be perfect for a forum jump. Seems like it'd be easily adaptable if anyone out there is capable.
XF 1 had a jump menu, and as far as I remember most people didn't use it. I never used it, and I didn't because it contained way too many links. A simplified version may be useful, and I may consider adding something like this to my admin tools add-on, if there is enough interest, :)
This is one of those “expert” level features. In absolute numbers, it doesn’t get used much but the small fraction of people who do use it are your very dedicated users. And it makes life easier for them.
You have already suggested this.

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