XF 2.2 Add extensions to resources Description editor


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How can I add extension types to the resources editor? As of now only image types are allowed but I need to allow zip files. To be clear, we're not talking about the editor at the top with buttons and stuff, it's the attachment part of the editor.

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Attachment types are configured in two places:

Editor: admin.php?options/groups/attachments/#attachmentExtensions
Resources: admin.php?options/groups/xfrm/
When creating a resource, you need to add the zip to the body of the resource, not the editor.

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I know this. I'm not trying to add a resource, I'm trying to add extra files to the resource while using External download URL in the body. I have smaller files that are required for the main resource to work but can't add them anywhere. Seems like I'm forced to add them with external links which I rather wouldn't.
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