Add checkbox to send to all


1) I'm wondering if there is some kind of plugin that would allow a user (perhaps a trusted user) to check a box when starting a thread, something like:

X send to all

And if checked, the message will be sent to all. Instead of using the mass email function, which is just admin driven, this would allow anyone in our community to decide that a new thread they are creating is urgent, to be sent to all members.

Before I get lectures about how that will be terrible for spam filters etc, I have a completely closed community of 50 people who really want this.

2) Also, I'd like to be able to delay all the messages being sent by X minutes. So that once a Thread is written, the system delays generating the email for 5 minutes to accommodate and last minute edits etc. Then I can send the full body of the New Thread etc text with any quick edits incorporated.