Add checkbox in ACP for language


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Add Checkbox in ACP for language

I am running a Forum in german-language only.
However, the german language-file is the child-language of the parent english-language-file.

So by default XF is showing both languages in the footer (Language Switch).
But I do not want to show the "english-language" in the footer, as my Forum is strictly german-language only.

And I need to have my "german language file" as a child, in order to make sure my phrases are not getting lost during software-upgrades. So literally, I always need to have 2 languages (parent + child) in order to be safe on software-upgrades.

Ideally, it would be great if we would have an additional checkbox in ACP (same as we already have for styles) in order to define whether users are allowed to select a certain language.

Many thanks!
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OK, if it is Duplicate we need to reactivate this one :D

Today it is possible to hide a style from users with the "Allow user selection" in the ACP style section.
Is it possible to do the same for languages?

Reason: If you like to use an individual language pack you will be able to create a new pack as a child, change all needed phrases and hide the original pack from the users. If the next update appears you don't loose your changed phrases.

This is a very small suggestion, but it will be very helpful for customized language packs ;)


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additionally, it would be great if there would be a Language-switch for the Administrator in ACP only.
So that Admin is able to switch languages in ACP, but the user is not able to switch languages. So literally you select the language which is visible for the user, but Admin is able to switch between all available languages in ACP and at the Frontend as well.

I do have a Forum which is in german-language for the user. So the user is allowed to see German-Language ONLY.

But in ACP I am having 3 languages:
- English Default (for Admin)
- German Default (for Admin)
- German Customized (visible to user)

In order to hide my 2 Languages (English Default and German Default) from the user, I have deleted the language-switch in the Footer via template-edit.
But now not even myself as Admin can access those 2 languages in ACP. So it is a bit difficult to view my website (both Backend and Frontend) in different languages :(




Seems this has not been addressed yet... I too use child languages and don't want one of the parent languages to be seen by the end users. Had to edit the language_chooser template to achieve it.

Would be really nice if we could disable certain languages for users just like we can with styles.