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would be realy cool and nice to see a member map at - will be very interesting to see how at the world Xenforo will be used.
It gives certain good addons, so not so much will be to do for.

I know, the chance will be very low, but I will try it. :D ;)
As with the media gallery? 😜
You could reinvent the wheel and Xenforo programs a map himself ... I wrote that it doesn't matter which map.

Anyway, it's probably a wasted effort anyway ...:cautious:
XFMG is an official XF product, not a third party add-on.
Come on Brogan - we both are long enough (I a pair days more then you :D) here members (or staff in your case) that everyone knows that the media gallery was initially just a third-party add-on. So that's not the best argument I think. ;)

But I am also firmly convinced that a simple member map would be just a finger exercise for the professionals at Xenforo. Free developers could then build addons for it ...
1. Regardless of its origins, XFMG is an official add-on and was only ever installed here when it became an official add-on.
2. We won't be installing any third party add-ons here.
3. A membermap add-on - as an XF first party product or a project for this site specifically - is not on our radar in the slightest.

It's just not going to happen.
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