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Add a Facebook login button to the visitor panel

Add a Facebook login button to the visitor panel


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Brogan submitted a new resource:

Add a Facebook login button to the visitor panel (version 1.0) - One less click...

Another simple template edit, this time adding a Facebook login button to the visitor panel.

Edit the sidebar_visitor_panel.

Search for this:
<div class="section loginButton">       
    <div class="secondaryContent">
        <label for="LoginControl" id="SignupButton"><a href="{xen:link login}" class="inner">{xen:if $xenOptions.registrationSetup.enabled, {xen:phrase sign_up_now}, {xen:phrase log_in}}</a></label>
Replace it with this:
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I tried it to made this work. Added the templates in my default style and in my customs style, but i dont get a facebook log in. Ma i missing something? (im new on xF so be gentle ;) )
This looked like it would have been a good mod but the "Sign Up Now!" button didn't change and the Facebook button never appeared. I like that the instructions were clear and I was able to easily check to verify I made the correct changes. I'm wondering if this is an old mod that doesn't work with the XenForo app I just purchased.


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Great mod. Thanks. In Firefox, though, when you click the Facebook login button, you see this message:

You are using a display type of 'page' in a small browser window or popup. For a better user experience, show this dialog with our JavaScript SDK without specifying an explicit display type. The SDK will choose the best display type for each environment. Alternatively, use display type 'popup' if you have special requirements precluding you from using the SDK. This message is only visible to developers of your application.