Add a sidebar without the visitor panel

Add a sidebar without the visitor panel

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Brogan submitted a new resource:

Add a sidebar without the visitor panel (version 1.0) - A useful option especially for Page nodes.

This functionality allows you to add a sidebar to a template, page, etc. without the visitor panel at the top.

So for example, this is how a standard sidebar is added to a page:
    <div class="messageText ugc baseHtml">
        This is a sidebar with the visitor panel
And this is the result:
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Using the new variable though we can add this:
    <div class="messageText ugc baseHtml">...

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Nice stuff Brogan, do you use Jaxel's portal. I've been trying to figure out how to apply it for that, have added the code to his sidebar and portal templates but doesn't seem to take effect.
I was looking for something like this. Wondered why my signup box/user info is automatically added, when I added my adspace.
idk why would do that? but, can I add this information to all pages in my forum without this rest of the sidebar
very useful

i used javascript to remove it^^
Brogan, just to confirm, this will also work on 'pages', right?

Edit: Whoops, read the description way too quickly. It works also on pages :)
This will work too. Add to your Extra.css

.sidebar .visitorPanel {
  display: none;

Credit on this actually goes to Shelley though. Found both threads when searching.
another way:
you can also set a template variable to hide it
<xen:container var="$noVisitorPanel">1</xen:container>
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