Ad Targeting Issues


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I'm having issues with Adsense because of Ad Targeting issues. Anyone ever had this issue before?


Thanks for your email. We’re sorry to hear that you're experiencing difficulties with your AdSense ads. We've provided some information below which we hope will address your question:

*skips #1 (it's about SSL)*

2. Ad targeting issues

Sometimes we have trouble matching relevant, highly-targeted ads to a publisher’s content. This usually happens when publishers have too little text content on their pages. As you may know, the AdSense crawler cannot decipher images or Flash content and struggles with content hosted within an iframe. However, on the My ads tab in your AdSense account, you can configure alternate ads to show instead of blank spaces. For instructions on implementing alternate ads, please see this Help Center article.

We constantly strive to improve our online resources and the automated support we provide to our publishers. If our troubleshooter and this reply did not address your query please accept our apologies and let us know about it in the survey we'll send you in a few days. You may also post your question on the AdSense Help Forum.

We appreciate your cooperation.


The Google AdSense Team


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Is the issue that ads just aren't showing? Google's ad servers are kicking back a 403 forbidden when trying to retrieve ads for your site (at least the one). Typically this because the domain isn't allowed to run AdSense ads (either disallowed by Google, but you would normally see a note on your AdSense account about it). Or maybe you use their white-list feature to call out the domains you allow to run your AdSense publisher ID on it, but it's not on there?

Either way, from the looks of it, it's an issue with Google not allowing ads on the domain, not a context issue.