Ad Revenue Question

In terms of hits/threads/members/??? typically how much of those would you need for a Xenforo forum to earn say £5 per year, and can I get an idea of how that number changes as these things grow? Just looking for a ballpark figure. ty
Can you quantify it at least a little bit?

Okay for some context, I'm asking for a friend who owns a Xenforo Forum, we're considering turning on ad revenue at some point and want to know at what point does it earn enough money to be of any significance. My friend has a decent enough amount of disposable income that we would probably not directly need it to fund things we want to do to promote our forum (facebook advertising, getting more professional artwork, stuff like this) but it would be useful to know at around what ballpark figure of active users is it going to be worth switching on?


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You don't give any information, so that's why you don't really have an answer.

Post your url and let people review it and make suggestions.


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You could think of 1$/1000 page views as a very rough middle ground estimate. Earnings depend heavily on your forum's ad placement, topic, clicks per user etc.