XF 1.4 Active Member Promotion


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I wish to set up a promotion that moves a member to an "Active Member" usergroup.

Does anyone user a similar set up? If so, could you help out with the promotion criteria?

I thought there may have been a setting for "logged in for so many days etc. Im guessing I could use the "Has posted X amount of messages" - but what happens if they did that 2 years ago and havent logged in since? Would they still be in the active member usergroup?

Hope that makes sense.


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Well it's related to specific content that I have on my site, which isn't available elsewhere, so I have it set quite low.

Just pick a couple of figures to start with and see how it works based on your member base and their activity.
Then fine tune it as required.


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I have 4 levels of activity on my forums using this promotion criteria. Each is based on X posts in Y days (I won't say what as I don't even tell my members ;) ). Each one isn't really that high and I based it on the activity levels of active and semi active users. It's probably best you do the same on your site as the level of activity is likely to be different.


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Thanks for the replies.

Ok, set it all up and ran the cron - however for some reason it hasnt added the banner to all active members, only some.

Ive got banners set at being stackable.

Ive got it set for 5 posts in 30 days at the moment. However looking at some posters, they have made over 5 posts in the last couple of days. Does this only kick in when the log in next?