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Fixed Activation email isn't responsive


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I can see that XenForo's transactional emails like watched threads are responsive however the account activation email isn't responsive because the large URL contining the activation link is being displayed in a single line.



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The activation link email seems to wrap fine for me on Gmail for narrow widths:
Maybe its due to your email client? Which one are you using?


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The stock mail app that comes with Android 4.4.2

IIRC if I receive an email about a watched thread and the title is long it wraps fine however the problem seems to be only with activation emails (same email client).


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I just tested on the mobile version of Outlook (using my browser) and the activation link doesn't wraps thus causing the email to not be responsive.


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And now I tested on the mobile version of Gmail (using my browser) and the activation link wraps fine.

So maybe it's an Outlook/Hotmail specific issue? I don't know...
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Not wrapping on the "/" seems like a failure of the mail program as this is a standard character to consider "breaking". Regardless, I have tweaked this.