Server issue ACP Login Bug

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X2 Beta 2
Hello Everyone,
I meant to report this a while ago. I'm having a issue with logging into my ACP? I made up a video to show you. The video is probably better to view on the YouTube site.

Just a update, now I'm able to get to the control panel simply by clicking on Admin from the main forum. It switches back and fourth on me



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It would be interesting to see what actually happens in inspector network tab when you submit the acp login and apparently "nothing" happens.


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I have a very quick look at the headers from the site and I see references to an Nginx cache, so I suspect that may be the cause. However, I don't really have direct scope to try to reproduce the issue.

You submitted a ticket relating to this issue. Can you follow up with that with admin login details so I can try to reproduce the issue? (You can make a new admin account for this.)
Hello Kirby,
I read what you are saying, but having trouble understanding the computer terminology, I don't know alot about it, I mean I come a long way, I can do installations, work with hosting providers (cpanel in regards to making data bases and working with the file manager, backups, but don't have much knowledge working with other things in Cpanel) Know nothing about PHP, very little knowledge on CSS. I can work with graphics and designing the forums, changing colors, adding backgrounds with HTML. There are other things, but the more detail like coding, I'm stuck on.

To give you an example, it took me a few hours just to figure out what a attribute name and a value name was. I made up a navigation tab with the public navigation that XenForo has. But was trying to figure out how to make that linked tab open up in a new window. I saw something about extra attributes and knew there had to be something with that, only because in the past I had a older version of my Invision board, and when I was working with pages and tabs, I noticed a attribute name stating to select that in order for the tab to open in a new window. After browsing the net I came across a site that help me in more detail. What I was looking for, was the Attribute name "target" and the value name "_blank". I have worked with html coding that had the target and _blank many times, to open links, images etc.. I just did not get the gist of it, until now. So now I know what the attribute name and value name should be. This was such a simple thing and I should have known it, but did not.

You are talking to someone who barely pass a GED test. (failed the first time) I should have stay in school, or maybe even took some classes in college, but as my life is right now with other issues going on, I try to do my best from learning on the net

I don't know what is going on with this acp login, but now I'm going to take the board completely down, and start out fresh again, maybe I did something wrong in the installation. I went back and read the installation instructions again, to see if there was anything I missed, but can't see anything. My first installation for the very first time went well with the version 1.5 board, and the upgrade to the the version 2x beta one went fine. I ran into problems after that when I switch hosting providers, and started over again, with another domain name, changing the domain name in my customer account page. Now I'm thinking this issue is with the present hosting provider I have, but can't be sure. I mean I have no PHP mail, it has to be set up with SMTP, also had issues with my SSL certificates, on my primary domain name, and my subdomains. They fixed that. Then I discovered that the Cpanel has no backup. This is a first for me as well. They told me it takes up extra resources because people download backups all the time. They do the backups themselves and at the request of the customer, they would restore it.

On the backup in Cpanel, it took me a long time to figure that out, but after many video tutorials and a lot of attempts, I am now a expert at making backups and restoring them :) But this hosting provider took that away from me lol

I do appreciate the help from you, I should go back to them and force the issue as to why the PHP email is not working, I know you told me it was not MTA compatible, but would like to know why they don't make that compatible. I have been with many hosting providers, and this would be the first time, that the PHP email did not work in the forums and also no backup in cpanel.

Hello Mike,
I will follow up with a ticket on that, Thanks
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Unfortunately there's nothing that can be done in XenForo about this. It's a caching system outside of XenForo. I can see this being returned:
X-Nginx-Cache-Status: HIT
The ACP login does happen and it redirects, but instead of serving a new page, the old login page is served from the cache.

This caching would need to be disabled. (Not doing so may also lead to information leakage as pages could be shared between users.)
lol, I forgot about this, but they know about it, because the tech support geru was having trouble logging into my ACP when they change my email settings, he came back to tell me, he could not log in, so I told him he had to play around with it, and put in a forward slash at the end of the URL, so he was able to finally get in.