XF 2.2 ACP .js Errors / Addons


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i am getting some .js Errors after installing 2 widgets (compatible and working for my core version). The drop down button of the addons (incl. removing / editing) doesnt work anymore (incl. any .js triggered actions). But only on the addon page. This effect doesnt occure on any other acp pages.

Error codes:


Thank you

Tracy Perry

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It might not be related, but your site appears to be using Rocket Loader (CloudFlare). If I recall, XenForo doesn't work well with that enabled.
There is a reason it has a lengthy history of being referred to by many as Rocket (EXP)loader. :ROFLMAO:
Generally it was the editor that had issues with it... but with that "fine piece of software" anything could be possible.

And no "appear to be" to it.. he definitely is.

<script src="[URL='https://www.shisha-spirit.com/cdn-cgi/scripts/7d0fa10a/cloudflare-static/rocket-loader.min.js']/cdn-cgi/scripts/7d0fa10a/cloudflare-static/rocket-loader.min.js[/URL]"

@mle, you need to go into your CloudFlare control panel and disable Rocket Loader and see if it resolves the issue. You may also have to purge the cache in CloudFlare.